An Entrepreneur who aligns their values and passion to build their business.

Our Mission

To allow for more ease, fun, flow, alignment and abundance in your life and business.

5 steps

to build your dream business online

Soulpreneurs introduces Soul Suite

Replace over 20 other platforms and streamline your business!

Soul Software

All in one Software

Soul Software has everything you need to start, build, grow and scale your business online.

White Glove Service

We don't know of another platform that will give you the kind of service that we provide. We will connect your domains, and even help you with your first launch!

Advanced Automations

With every good all-in-one platform there needs to be a way for you to focus on your gifts and automate the rest. Our Workflows are the easiest to learn and you'll love the way it will save you time!

Soul Connect


Create private groups and have 1on1 channels with your clients. Chat with them, send & share videos, audio files, pdfs, share files, create goals, & celebrate milestones with them.

Video Calls and Meetings

Host and record unlimited calls and meetings in your private groups and rooms with your clients, potential clients and your teams. (Replaces Zoom or Google Meet)

Host Events & Webinars

With Video Meetings and the group feature hosting virtual events and live webinars are easy in Soul Connect

Soulpreneurs App


Soulpreneurs App is a social networking platform dedicated to holding space for love, learning, mindfulness and expansion.

Network and meet potential clients from around the globe. Go Live and be seen and heard by the entire app community.

Be Featured

When you are a member of Soulpreneurs, your posts are featured in the Soulpreneurs newsfeed, you are auto-followed by app users, and we will highlight you, your products and services once a month.

Unlimited Groups

When you are a Soulpreneurs Member you can host unlimited groups within the Soulpreneurs App.

Soul Suite caters to your business, community and social needs.

Soul Suite includes Soul Software, Soul Connect and Soulpreneurs Space.

Soul Software

Create websites, funnels, advanced automations, invoicing, social planning plus more!

Websites & Funnels

Unlimited! Build unlimited websites and funnels.


Unlimited! We do not limit the amount of beautiful souls you can attract. We instead, want you to abundantly build your list and feel the freedom to do so.

Emails and Texting

You receive a $10 credit each month. This is equal to 555 text messages or 10k emails per month.

The cool thing is that these accumulate over time, and so if you don't use the credit it will not go away as long as you are an active member. This is like a savings account that adds up and allows you to be ready for your big launch.

This gives you the ability to scale with more ease. We are amongst the lowest per email, and text sending on the market, and you simply pay as you go.

.015 per text and 95 cents per thousand emails.

To give you an idea, these prices are half the price of our competitors like Mailchimp and TextMagic.

Domain Hosting

Unlimited! Purchase as many domains as you wish, then we host all of them for free!

Advanced Automations

Unlimited!! Create simple or complex email and text nurture campaigns, automate your entire business. Stop doing everything by hand, and let the system do the work.

Transaction Fees

Soul Software - all websites, products, services, and funnels have a 0% transaction fee.

Soulpreneurs App - Private and Secret groups have 0% for purchases on your website. Premium groups are in-app purchases and they are subject to App Store 15% fee. We work with you, and you get to choose which is bets for your business.

Invoicing & Contracts

Unlimited! Send contracts and invoices for one-time and recurring payments.

Stripe & Paypal Integration

We partner with the 2 most trusted payment processing companies. The integration is super simple.

Reputation Management

Your Google and Facebook reviews all in one place. Manage your ratings and easily take those reviews and post them on your website.

Pipelines & Opportunities

FULL CRM - Track your followers, those who attend your live events, webinars, and those who are ready to buy!

Products & Memberships

UNLIMITED!! We do not restrict how many products, courses or memberships you can build out and sell. We know you're a creator and want you to feel the freedom to build!

Image, PDF, Video Storage

Unlimited!! Store your images, pdfs, and videos up to 50 MB each in your own media library. It's unlimited!

Appointment Calendar

Unlimited!! Create unlimited appointment calendars! Stope paying separately for your appointment links and followups. It's included!

Social planning

Schedule out your instagram, Facebook and Google My Business posts! More social platforms coming soon,

Custom Code

We have gorgeous templates, but if you want a high-end custom look, you or your designer can easily build with custom coding.

Soul Connect

Your coaching portal!

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Video Meetings and Calls

  • Host Webinars

  • Replace Zoom and Google Chat

  • Recordings automatically sent to your clients.

  • Unlimited file storage for your business

  • Unlimited file sharing for you and your clients.

  • Audio recordings

1 on 1 coaching

Invite your clients into Soul Connect and have an encrypted/ safe portal for you. and your clients to text and voice message, share files, set goals, share milestones and do video calls. Recorded calls save to the chat automatically.

Private Groups

With Soul Connect you can create unlimited private groups. These groups are encrypted and only you and the people you invite can see them.

Within these groups you can share documents, voice messages, set group goals, milestones and do group video calls right within the group.

Unlimited File Storage

You can now house unlimited files, images, videos within Soul Connect.

Video Meetings

Replace Zoom, Google Chat with a more streamlined way of connecting with your potential and current clients. You can record your sessions, screen share, share video, share audio, create breakout rooms, chat, react, plus more!

Record Video Sessions

You can record your video meetings! The recording will automatically pop into the group chat of where ever the meeting is held after it. is finished processing.

LIVE Webinars

Soul Connect offers a consciously connected way to host LIVE webinars.

When you're ready to host your webinar we can set up connections in the background with the help of Workflows in Soul Software.

There will will automate guests joining your Webinar Group and joining your webinar meeting.

FAQ image

Voice Messaging

Send and receive unlimited voice messages to your clients.

Record your podcasts, your voice-logs, and share your truth with your people.

File Sharing

With unlimited storage, video, audio, image and pdf file storage, this is. a no-brainer for your client share needs.

Tasks, Goals & Milestones

Within each 1to1 message and private group there's a way to set tasks, goals and milestones with yourself and with your people.

Soulpreneurs App

Social Channels, Private Groups, Live Video, Networking

Hold Space

Imagine if you had an alternative place other than Facebook to create your premium groups

and exclusive spaces.

What could that look like?

How would that benefit your soul and your business?

Connect & Network

We're on a mission to attract those mindful individuals that love conscious living, the laws of attraction and being the best they can be.

Within Soulpreneurs App you can have the social channel you've always dreamed of. Share your growth. Chat with new souls from across our world. Network and share your gifts.

ALL FOR FREE! Download in your favorite App store!

Host Private Groups

When you have a Soul Suite Membership you receive the special benefit to host your own private, secret and premium groups within Soulpreneurs.

No Algorithm confusion

Free marketing with no algorithm hustle.

Free sharing and caring. When you post inside Soulpreneurs there is no competition or guess work on how the algorithm works. Your people will see your posts with no worries of them missing it.

Get Featured: With a Soul Suite Membership you can be featured monthly to our entire app community.

Go Live Anytime

Within Soulpreneurs you can go live to the whole app community!

With a Soul Suite membership we can feature one of your lives a month, so your video goes to the top of the feed!

Create Influence

Create influence on a social media channel that is dedicated to mindfulness, and good people.

Hold Space & Be Held

You don't have to do this alone. Soulpreneurship can be lonely, and we are here to be the great space holders for those that want to create bonds and deepen their relationships. There's nothing like the like, know, and trust that you build when you are. a space holder. When you continually show up, you not only become the influential leader of that space, but you also reap the reward of the friendships, and collaboration opportunities that come with being present with us in the community.

All 3 work synergistically together!

  • Soul Software = Your business center

  • Soul connect = Your coaching portal

  • Soulpreneurs Space = Your intimate social space


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